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With over a decade of experience, Equitasasia as a debt collection company has become the best debt collection agency in Asia. By standing out our expertise as a debt recovery agency and debt recovery specialist, we provide you the best debt recovery services we have to serve your needs.

As we know always, companies around the world have something in common, and that is to have a good cash flow to build a successful and stable environment. As a debt collector, we always keep following up with the standard operating procedures pertaining with the knowledge on country rules and regulation to serve our clients with utmost integrity, honesty and transparency. We always practice professional debt collection tactics and keep the standard in order to uphold our clients’ reputation.

With offiecs in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Thailand, Equitasasia is an international debt collection company that you can trust and rely the most. We are the Top Debt Collection Agency In Malaysia. Our professionalism is always you best choice to make.

(Business Process Outsourcing)
  • Accounts Receivable Business Process Outsourcing solutions.
  • Improve your organization cash flow today.
  • Efficient Accounts Receivable procedures.
Our Advantages
  • A proven system designed to maximize the debt recovered.
  • Honest & Professional Recovery methods.
  • Localized expertise across the world.
Benefits for You
  • Improve cash flow to support business growth.
  • Maintain good relationships with key customers.
  • Focus on core business activities.
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