Debt Recovery Services

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is essential for the survival of all companies, especially in the competitive global market. When a company is successful by bringing in lots of sales and clients, it is of utmost importance that the invoices are being paid on time. Operating overheads will get affected and strategic business plans may be delayed. Companies will then have to spend a lot of time and resources to follow up with such bad paying masters; resources which could be allocated to better use that will enable them to focus better on their core competency.

At Equitasasia group, we are very familiar with the tactics commonly used by debtors and we offer a wide spectrum of debt recovery services that helps to manage and mitigate risks that may occur during every stage of the business cycle. Our management team have more than 40 years of combined collection experiences in helping companies to recover back outstanding accounts receivables from debtors.

We pride ourselves in offering professional debt collection services and we adhere strictly to the collection guideline within the legal parameter of the countries we operates in. Our collectors are well trained and well equipped with the latest collection techniques to enhance the chances of recovery for many of the cases assigned by our clients. By tapping on to the latest technology, together with the use of our tested and proven recovery mechanism that is designed to maximize returns with minimum hassle, we have achieved many successful recoveries for many of our clients. This is achieved through, our own offices and a wide network of global partners in more than 140 countries.

Should you be facing the same issue and require assistance, please contact us immediately. Kindly share with us on the followings, in order to review and determine how we can best assist on your case.

  • Location of debtor
  • Amount Outstanding
  • Defaulted period
  • Supporting documents

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