Bad Debt Collection

Equitasasia offers you the best bad debt collection services by following and implementing strict guidelines for debt recovery services method. Our standard operating procedures are tested and proven in maintaining a healthy cash flow for your company survival.

Debtor usually defaulted on payment for a variety of reasons, be it legitimate or they are simply doing it to roll their business at others’ expenses. Companies who have encountered such situation previously will understand that it is never easy to recover from such debtor, especially if both parties have worked together for a long time. Such debtor will always come up with a lot of excuses and using delaying tactics to gain your sympathy while buying time to avoid payment.

It is an even more uphill task if the debtor is located overseas, due to a variety of reasons such as the differences in culture, time zone and legislation. If the creditor is not following up closely, it may be too late by the time they decided to conduct further actions to recover back the debts. The recovery process can be frustrating and resource consuming that most creditors tend to write off the debt after they are unable to recover back the money after a long period of time.

With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Thailand, as well as partners in more than 140 countries globally, Equitasasia Group will be the perfect partner to assist you accordingly regardless whether it is a local debt collection case or it’s an international debt collection case. Being familiar with local cultures and speaking the common language, the local collection team will be able to engage and communicate with the debtor more effectively and efficiently, while exerting permissible pressure to the debtor by signaling to them that you have engaged professional debt collectors to handle the case for you.

As we are in a result based industry, we work strictly on a “No success, No commission” basis. Equitasasia will only be entitled to the recovery commission once the debtor paid up directly to you and the money is safe in your bank account.

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