Debt Purchase Services

Many companies tend to write off their debts after chasing payment for months or even years. This is after spending significant time and resources where the cost of chasing may be higher than the amount of debt itself. By doing so, companies will lose out on many opportunity costs, where such money could have been allocated to bring value to the business such as expansion, marketing activities, branding exercise, training and research, among other things. By writing off such debts, it is only fulfilling the debtors’ objectivities and it will be a lose-lose situation for the companies.

By engaging Equitasasia for debt purchase services, one of the debt recovery services that actually helps companies to minimize their losses by selling the debts to Equitasasia by settling for a percentage of the original amount. This percentage can be finalized upon discussion in better details by having a thorough review.

Once the debt is purchased and the ownership of debt is transferred to Equitasasia, Equitasasia will proceed with its own recovery mechanism to recover money from the porforlio. This way, it would enable you to minimize your losses while enabling you to focus better on your core competency.

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