Field Services

It is often easy to gather information from open sources or through word of mouth regarding a specific company that you are interested to work with, or with a specific intention in mind. However, reality can be very much different from what you perceived. Most companies did not realise that websites from the internet tends to let you read what they wanted to show you, but it may not necessary be the truth.

Equitasasia offer you one of the debt recovery services – field services. By conducting specific field services, whereby a trained specialist will conduct a visit to the given premises, selective information can be gathered. It will enable you to have a clearer understanding on the company you are interested in by knowing for example, whether are they still operating there, what is the staff strength, are the business activities intensive during the field visit, are there a lot of equipment and stocks etc that can be observed.

This will enable companies to fill in the missing pieces and come to a better business decision making process. In terms of debt recovery, conducting the necessary field services will enable us to determine whether the debtors have the capability and ability to pay, and how we can maximise the chances of recovery.

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