Letter Services

One of the debt recovery services that Equitasasia offers you is debt collection letter services. Whenever a credit term is offered, companies have to follow up with a series of actions to remind and inform their clients that the accounts receivables is due soon. This is the tedious part of the receivables process where time and efforts needs to be allocated to ensure clients pay up on time.

Some companies do it by simply mailing the invoices to the clients, others will include the statement of account as well as other necessary documents. It may sound simple but this actually comes with a lot of hidden cost which companies may not be aware of. These may include but not limited to manpower cost, office cost, postage fees, transportation etc.

At Equitasasia group, we are familiar with the procedures and have specifically customized our services to help clients in need. Depending on the specifications and the portfolio of your clientele listings, our collection system will assist to minimize the cost and time taken, while ensuring that your clients will receive the documents on time.

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