Telephone Services

Telephone services is one of the debt recovery services that work hand in hand with lettering servicing. Generally, it is always advisable to give the clients a friendly call after a few days of mailing out the necessary documents. By doing so, this will create rapport and companies can use this opportunity to follow up with more aftersales services. Remedial actions can be taken immediately for clients who did not received the documents while debt recovery or negotiation can be initiated for cases which have just passed the due date.

At Equitasasia Group, we are familiar with the procedures and have customized our services to clients in need. Depending on the specifications and the portfolio of your clientele listings, our collection system used will minimize the cost and time taken.

For the benefit of retaining business relationship with your clients, you can share with us whether you prefer the call dunning to be conducted through first party or third party calls. For first party calling, you can even determine the scripts and the daily period for the calls to take place.

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